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Keywords, Course Number, or SUN Number

The keyword field performs 4 different case-insensitive searches based upon the search term entered:

  • A valid course prefix and number combination (e.g. "MAT241") will return class sections for that course only.
  • A valid specific course prefix only (e.g. "ART") will yield courses with that course subject prefix.
  • A course number (e.g. "241") will return only courses with that course number.
  • Any term not matching a known course prefix, course number, or course prefix/number combination will perform a general keyword search. Keywords match on full words only.

Course Subject

Finds courses with the selected course subject prefix.

Search For:

Open Classes Only (default): limits results to classes with "Open" status under Availability.

All Classes: removes "Open Classes Only" courses Availability filter.


Limits to classes offered in a particular semester.


Show classes for a selected college.

More Search Options

Course Credits

Offers the option to limit results to "Non-Credit Only" or "Credit Only".

Meeting Days

Finds classes meeting on the selected days.

Meeting Times

Finds classes meeting during particular times of day.


Select the delivery method of the class’ instruction.

  • In-person: On-campus with in-person instruction with smaller class sizes to accommodate recommended safety protocols.
  • Online: The entire class will be held 100% online without a set time to attend with a specific start and end date.
  • Live Online: Classes will meet at the time listed in the class schedule on a virtual platform. Students will attend live online classes at the same time as their classmates with live instruction.
  • Hybrid: An in-person format on campus at the time listed in the class schedule and a portion of the class online without a set time to attend.
  • Hybrid/Virtual: Part of the class will be held online without a set time to attend. The other part will occur with regular meeting patterns in a virtual format.

Classes Starting After

Enter a date to limit to classes starting after the date. Format must match "MM/DD/YYYY".


Enter the last name of an instructor to find classes led by that person.

Show Only

SUN System Courses: limits to courses having a corresponding SUN code.

Honors Classes: limit results to honors courses.

Open Entry/Open Exit Courses: limit results to Open Entry/Open Exit courses.

No cost or low cost (<$40) textbooks: limit results to classes using Open Educational Resources for course materials.

General Ed Designations

Limit to classes that satisfy selected general education requirements.