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Introductory Algebra/College Algebra Prep (MAT095) 5 Credits

Emphasis on meanings related to variable, equality, inequality, equivalence. The use of additive and multiplicative reasoning in solving linear equations and inequalities in one variable. Validation of solution(s) through a reasonable mathematical defense. Transfer and apply knowledge through a process of sense making and reasonableness in mathematical problems and practical application situations. Recognize patterns and organize data to represent situations where output is related to input. Understand the concept of function and be able to represent functions in multiple ways, including tables, algebraic rules, graphs and contextual situations, and make connections among these representations. Read, represent, and interpret linear function relationships numerically, analytically, graphically and verbally and connect the different representations. Model and solve real world problems involving constant rate of change. Prerequisites: None. Note: Student may receive credit for only one of the following: (MAT055 and MAT056 and MAT057), OR MAT090, OR MAT091, OR MAT092, OR MAT095, OR MAT096. MAT095 is designed to prepare students that do not place into MAT120 or MAT121 or MAT122, but intend to complete College Algebra for their degree path. MAT095 is designed to prepare students to take MAT155 College Algebra/Functions with Review or MAT156 College Algebra/Functions with Review.

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17823 Summer 2020 South Mountain
Internet 05/26/2020 - 07/30/2020 N/A N/A
  • D. Girma
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    • Class Notes: Class 17823 is an ONLINE class. Access to internet and a student gmail address is required. Log on to Canvas prior to the first day of class at this link: For assistance, please contact the Division Secretary at 602 243-8086.
      Class Meets for Ten (10) Weeks
      All textbook and course materials available at no or low cost (<$40) - may include OER (Open Educational Resources).
      Student is responsible to access their Maricopa “Student Center” for enrollment alerts regarding: Financial Aid, Payment Plan, and “DROPPED” FROM CLASS ISSUES.
      Note: Financial issues must be resolved before the class start date. Student cannot attend class if tuition is not paid prior to class start date.
    • Additional Class Notes: #CLS# is an online class. This class uses Microsoft Office software. This class is appropriate for students who want to work independently, within a schedule, and communicate electronically with the instructor. College computer resources are available for student use. Students wishing to work from home must have an appropriate computer, Microsoft Office software, and access to Internet. Students must log into Canvas on the first day of class at the following link: https// If you have any questions,please call :Division Secretary at 602-243-8086.