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Introductory Algebra (MAT090) 5 Credits

Emphasis on meanings related to variable, equality, inequality, equivalence. The use of additive and multiplicative reasoning in solving linear equations and inequalities in one variable. Validation of solution(s) through a reasonable mathematical defense. Transfer and apply knowledge through a process of sense making and reasonableness in mathematical problems and practical application situations. Recognize patterns and organize data to represent situations where output is related to input. Understand the concept of function and be able to represent functions in multiple ways, including tables, algebraic rules, graphs and contextual situations, and make connections among these representations. Read, represent, and interpret linear function relationships numerically, analytically, graphically and verbally and connect the different representations. Model and solve real world problems involving constant rate of change. Note: Students may receive credit for only one of the following: MAT090, MAT091, MAT092, or MAT093. MAT102, completed with a grade of "C" or better prior to Fall 2015, meets course prerequisite Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better or satisfactory Math Diagnostic Assessment score for (MAT051, MAT052, MAT053, and MAT054), or MAT081, or MAT082.

Class# Semester Location Delivery Dates Days Times Instructor Availability
16715 Spring 2017 Phoenix
In Person 01/18/2017- 05/12/2017 M,W 12:30PM- 2:45PM
  • C. Martinez
Class Started
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  • Notes
    • Class Notes: All textbook and course materials available at no or low cost (<$40) - may include OER (Open Educational Resources).
      Class 16715 costs include Mathematics Laboratory Fee: $10
    • Additional Class Notes: Some Classes include online component.
      Check with instructor or department before purchasing course materials.
      Graphing calculator required. TI-84+ is strongly recommended.
      For more information, please visit

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